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A proud partner of the reforest revolution

I believe it is our social responsibility to help tackle the damaging global effects of climate change, that’s why I've partnered with TreeSisters to help fund reforestation projects around the world.

Thanks to you and my incredible partnership I proudly plants one tree every time you shop with me. This means that by choosing to support my business you are helping to restore natural ecosystems and livelihoods in multiple regions of the tropical forest belt.

You can find out more about the amazing work TreeSisters do here.

Fundraiser mission

Plant 1000 trees in 2022

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Empowering women

TreeSisters also help to encourage women to take leadership roles in respect of the environment, to explore how they feel about climate change and to take action.

Lauren Holloway supports TreeSisters mission to empower women to step into their feminine nature-based leadership, wherever they are in the world. As a female-owned small business I realise the importance of inspiring, nurturing and encouraging women to contribute and participate in environmental issues.

You can find out more about what TreeSisters are doing to help women here.

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