Introducing the new Eco-Linen Collection

Eco-linen collection

My eco-linen range is a brand new collection of handprinted natural linen fabrics designed with the environment in mind. The range includes reusable alternatives and beautiful earth-friendly products for everyday use, from soap bags to reusable snack bags, bread storage, shoppers and make up bags.

In recent years I’ve really fallen in love with linen and come to appreciate just how beautiful, luxurious and versatile a material it is. I knew it was important to use a fabric that was sustainable and had a limited environmental impact so it made sense to design my new collection with it. I also wanted to create my own fabric patterns so handprinting using wood blocks was the perfect way to make each product unique.


There are so many great things about linen! Firstly it is made from the flax plant and is one of the world’s oldest and sustainable materials. The entire plant can be woven into a fibre meaning there is no waste leftover from the spinning or weaving process. Flax is extremely resilient meaning it can grow in poor soil and uses far less water consumption than cotton. Some other great properties of linen is that it’s highly absorbent, so perfect for our new soap bags! Natural linen is also biodegradable and recyclable which means not adding more to landfill and poisoning precious soil.
flax plant


Reusable Snack Bags

Who doesn’t love snacking? Especially when the snacks are in a super lovely reusable snack bag! Fill these pouches with nuts, seeds or fruit, or if you’re feeling naughty, top up with your favourite sweet treat. A really useful plastic-free alternative to store mid-morning snacks for the office or tuck one in your backpack whilst out on walk. These pouches come in 4 colours and have a super easy to open velcro closure.


Reusable snack bags

Eco Soap Bag

Pop your soap or shampoo bar in one of these lovely little compact drawstring linen soap bags and keep the inside of your toiletry bag nice and slime-free! These pouches come in 4 lovely coloured linens and feature a craspedia flower handprinted design. Of course you don’t have to use it to store soap, we think it would also be great to use for keeping jewellery or small accessories in too.


eco soap bag

 Bread Bags

To add to my collection of zero waste, reusable products I designed some beautiful linen bread bags. Linen bags are great for storing bread because the bag allows air to circulate meaning the bread stays fresher for longer and staves off mould. Take your linen bread bag to your local bakery and save on using plastic or paper bags. They’re also a great way to collect stray crumbs and seeds and can be thrown in the washing machine when needed.


Linen bread bag 

 Make up Bags

 Anyone who knows my brand knows I love a good make up bag! I’ve been making them for years so it made sense to add some handprinted linen make up bags to the collection. Again, these bags are available in 4 different colours and feature figs, artichokes and monstera leaf patterns. These bags would look gorgeous on any dressing table and make a really lovely sustainable gift. Each one has a lovely gold zipper and waterproof lining.


linen make up bag in fig print

 Shopper Tote Bags

Last but not least are my reusable shopper tote bags. I decided to make these in a more basic construction to other shoppers in my recycled leather collection because I think the linen fabric really lends itself to simplicity and doesn’t need to be over-complicated. Linen is such a durable and luxurious fabric and the tote bags I’ve designed really reflect these qualities. They come in 3 beautiful colours and are available in a pomegranate, leaf or dahlia handprinted patterns. These bags are perfect for grocery shopping or use as a simple everyday shoulder bag.


Linen pomegranate tote bag


I would love to know what you think of the new range so please feel free to write a note in the comments below!


I’d like to thank the West of England Combined Authority for offering me a Creative Freelancer Grant which has helped me fund the project.


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